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Fall in Love With Framed Artwork

Adding art that you like, whether you're designing a new space or sprucing up an existing one, is a terrific way not just to decorate but also to express yourself. Art can be a conversation starter, a showcase for your favourite products, a source of inspiration, a memory, a promise. Art can transform a house into a home or space into an office. Texas framed art can move people. You shouldn't just pick something to hang on the wall when adding Texas framed artwork to a room; you want to fall in love with it.


It is for this reason that we, at Erin Crain Designs, do what we do. We love art and want to help you appreciate it as well.


These prints aren't just splatters of paint on a canvas; they're Erin's labour of love. Texas painting can be used to bring attention to a particular piece of furniture, such as a buffet or dresser. To give your space a more cohesive look, you can gather a collection of things in the same colour palette or style for a unified aesthetic.


Erin Crain Designs curates the work of a great female artist, specializing in customized, superior and inventive interiors, to ensure that you can discover something that fits your style and tastefully covers your empty walls at any price point.


The abstract art curated by Erin Crain Designs is simple but fantastical, on-trend, but timeless. Erin Crain Designs is the place to go if you are in Texas and looking to buy framed artwork.

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