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Each project begins with a comprehensive discussion to identify your needs, establish scope, and understand how you want your home to feel and function.



After exploring your preferences, we create a visual concept of your home that will guide the overall design direction of your interiors project.



We develop a schematic or interior design, and collaborate with you to ensure every detail is covered. This is followed by a meeting with Erin to review the blueprints of your project where we delve into the drawings/plans and make suggestions to maximize the functionality and beauty of your home.



After the overall design has been fully realized, we facilitate the hiring process with contractors and vendors. We take care of ordering any needed furnishings, fixtures, and accessories for your home.



We handle delivery management, installation, and styling for all new furnishings, art, and accessories for your home.




Erin Crain Designs provides an organized and seamless design process, that results in a cohesive, custom curated space. The spaces Erin creates with her clients are modern and unique, inventive and tasteful.

Clients turn to Erin for her ability to cohesively mix styles, old with new, traditional with contemporary. This creative approach unveils harmonious interiors that are thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time. 

It's All About the Details


Styling and details often get overlooked but, when done properly, can really showcase your individual style. 


Erin can pull together all the finishing touches for your interiors project, from textiles, to accent decor items. She will take inventory of what you have, and add new pieces to make your space feel reinvented. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick shopping trip and a few hours styling and you're loving your space again. 

Styling can be billed hourly at $100/ hour



Partner with Erin to create custom, functional designs that fit your lifestyle. Erin's focus is to help clients create cohesive spaces that are both sensible and aesthetically pleasing. But most importantly, reflects your unique style.




Full Design Package

Don't know where to start? We can help with anything from a simple

redesign to a full scale renovation.

Custom Furniture
&Window Treatments

1 hr -  Contact for estimate.

Looking for window treatments to finish off the look of your room? Want to reupholster your existing furniture? Whatever your custom design needs are, we can help. Projects vary depending on size and scope, so please contact us for an estimate ​

Accessories Package

Accessories Only Package   1 hr -  Typically $100/hr

Don't need a full design? Let us help you add the finishing touches to your space with our accessories-only package. Prices vary depending on scope of the project, but is typically priced per project starting at $300 and/or billed hourly at $100 per hour.


• Walk-through of home (30 mins.)

• Quick inventory of available accessories (30 mins.)

• Wall art and accessory selections

• Delivery and Installation

• Furniture reconfiguration (if applicable)

• Mood boards available for $100


Contact Us For an Estimate

Interior Design Consultation

1 hr 30 min  $250

Service Description :

• Walk-through of your home

• Discussion of design ideas, lifestyle, tastes and preferences

• Establish the budget for your project During the consultation, we try to give as much advice and information as possible about your space. If you move forward with the project, the consulting fee will apply towards your design package.

Design Package

Full Design Package ( 1hour )  

Design Packages Start at $850 ; (multi-room and whole-house discounts are available with purchase of Full Design Package). Scope and cost and determined after Design Consultation.

This will vary from project to project but includes:

• Design Consultation ($250 waived towards your Design Package)

• Measurements taken of your space

• Design Direction/ Mood Board

• Floor plan (when applicable)

• Mood Board

• Furniture Selection

• Color Scheme Selection

• Lighting Selection

• Material Samples (when applicable)

• Wall Art and Accessories Selection

• Full Estimate of all Specified Materials

• Coordination and Management for all Deliveries

• Oversight of Furnishings Installation, Wall Art/ Accessories Installation,

    and any necessary construction.


( Note: Does not include furnishings )

Custom Artwork & Framing

Custom Artwork can really pull a space together. Erin creates unique and tasteful artwork that adds cohesion to your room. Custom framing is also available in all sizes.  

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