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Wall Art Decor

Are you looking for new ways to decorate your walls? Those blank walls are full of potential, and a few improvements can transform a house into a home. Take advantage of your home's blank canvases by adding Texas wall décor pieces from Erin Crain to any room or space. Choose from a wide range of canvas art, framed art, photo frames, and other art wall décor in various styles to complement your personality and design aesthetic.

Why Wall Art Home Décor Matters

We see wall art considered as an afterthought far too often in interior design. If it gets dealt with at all, it'll be long after the last coat of paint has dried on the walls and all of the furniture has been beautifully arranged. However, we believe that relegating wall art to the background means you're missing out on an excellent creative opportunity.


But don't just hang art for the sake of having it; It's time to update our living space with some new Texas wall décor that reflects who we are.


Numerous studies have lauded the healing effects of being creative, and we know there are health advantages to looking at and making art. To hang wall art décor, you don't even need to be an artist or know interior design. Having something new in your home can elevate your spirits, whether it's photos, your children's drawings, your work, or a painting you bought from a local artist.


Even if it's just one new piece, hanging artwork in your home can make you feel excited. It increases motivation, attention, and concentration, as well as self-esteem and a sense of success.


If you don't get a positive emotional response from a piece of art, don't buy it or hang it. Instead, Erin suggests, when purchasing art, try to concentrate on what you enjoy or what has meaning for you.


So, take a look around your house and ask yourself,


  • Do I love the artwork on my walls?

  • Is there something about each piece that makes me happy?

  • What do I want to hang on my walls?

Let Erin Crain Designs Refresh Your Space

Erin’s goal with every project is to make your place feel like home. Erin wants you to enter the room, take a deep breath, and immediately feel at ease. Using the correct artwork is one of the simplest and most meaningful ways to bring a place together while also adding personality. Art is a very personal experience. What makes Erin’s heart sing may leave you scratching your head, thinking, "I don't get it." Art can add a lot of life and personality to a room. It can bring a room together in an instant.



With home décor wall art from Erin Crain, you can add color to your home and convey your sense of style. A few strategically placed wall prints can make a massive impact on the décor of any room. There's a wide range of canvas art, wall paintings, and other sorts of art to choose from, so you're sure to find something that matches your decorating style and speaks to you.

Wall Art Makes For a Great Gift, too!

When it comes to gifts, you can't go wrong with Texas wall décor art. If you're not sure what style of art the person you're buying for love or how their home is arranged, go for something traditional in neutral tones. Wall decor makes a terrific gift for almost any occasion, including birthdays and holidays.


Ready to transform those plain, barren walls into beautiful focal points?

Find various small, medium, and large canvas paintings to instantly brighten up your areas with bursts of color and movement.

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